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Handling Personal Information

What is Personal Information? Personal information means any information that can identify you or information peculiar to you, for example, the address, name, telephone number, electric mail address, etc. that the Japan Media Arts Festival Secretariat receives from you at this Website through the Internet.
Obtaining Personal Information When requesting personal information from you, we clarify the purpose of use in advance. The personal information supplied by you will be used within the range of the purpose of use, and it will not be used for any other purposes without your consent. In case you do not wish to provide personal information, you may refuse at your own discretion. In this case, you may not be able to use a service on this Website. Your understanding regarding this matter is highly appreciated.
Usage Purposes Upon specifying the purposes for use to the maximum extent possible, the Japan Media Arts Festival Secretariat shall use personal data within the framework of the purposes; research activities of the Japan Media Arts Festival Secretariat and providing notifications of the Japan Media Arts Festival's latest information, events and exhibitions.
Supply of Personal Information to a Third Party Personal information supplied by you will not be disclosed to a third party except in the following cases:
1. You have agreed
2. In the event handling of personal information is consigned within the range required to attain the purpose of use clarified to you to an affiliated company, business partner, or on consignment to a company with whom we have concluded a nondisclosure agreement regarding personal information. (Example: When publication of a collection of Award-winning Works is consigned to an editing company, etc.)
3. In the event personal information has been processed into statistical data to such a state that individuals cannot be identified.
4. In the event we must comply with requests from legal authorities under existing laws and ordinances.
Management of Personal Information When requesting personal information from you, we will clarify the privacy policy to the administrator of the Web page for which personal information is requested. The administrator shall securely store or control the supplied personal information and shall erect a firewall, take measures against computer viruses, and take other reasonable security measures in order to prevent leaks, diversion, or falsification, etc. of personal information by means of unauthorized access by a third party. Furthermore, we will make every effort to ensure security by employing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption or a similar security technology for personal information to prevent unauthorized access by a third party during data communication when personal information is supplied.
Deletion of Personal Information
You may request that the administrator reference, correct, or delete personal information supplied by you. After your identity is verified, your personal information will be disclosed, corrected, or deleted, etc. within a reasonable period of time.

Protection of Personal Information for Links

The Japan Media Arts Festival Secretariat cannot assume responsibility for security of personal information at Websites linked from this site. As for the protection of personal information on a link, you are requested to confirm the privacy policy, etc. on the applicable link page.

Contact Point

Regarding unclear points about the handling of personal information you have supplied, please inquire at the contact point for inquiries stated on the specific Web page on which you have supplied personal information. For inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us. Please note, however, that inquiries about personal information you have supplied may not be processed immediately at the following contact site. Your understanding is appreciated.